Special Outdoor WIFI Solutions

Special Solutions for Outdoor Venues

Often a special solution is needed for small outdoor venues such as sporting events, festivals and special clubs. While this is a needed area, we decided to take our expertise and provide a hardware solution that you can build yourself!

A self built solution?

YES, we realize that there is a need for a lower cost, less than enterprise engineered outdoor solution. To that end, we will be posting recommendations on a solution that the average person should be able to deploy! 

What if I need help?

As always we are here to help you! If you want a design or a just want to use to give you guidance we can help with that!  Drop an email to our support distribution list and we will discuss pricing and what we can provide.

I can configure it, but WHERE do I place it?

This is EXACTLY what most people will ask.  Given the parameters of the locations, we can actually help define an install.  Just drop us an email to support@magnumtc.com and we will provide rates and what we can do for you!

What equipment do I use?

We have a list of items, and what you can install yourself. We don't sell them, we can't get them as cheap as you can from Amazon!  We just ask that you use our links to order them!

What's next?

In the coming week we will be posting diagrams, links and other details. Stay tuned for a white paper and more.

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